A Great Good Place

What does “A Great Good Place” mean?

Great Good Place

Busy night at The Barleycorn Great Good Place.                    Photography by Cameron Yeager.

The Barleycorn Pub is West Asheville’s Great Good Place. We’re that restaurant where you can feel comfortable hanging out with friends over some beers, or you can bring your family and share a meal together. The name Great Good Place comes from a book by Ray Oldenburg titled, you guessed it, “The Great, Good Place”. Oldenburg argued that to live a balanced, happy life each person must have access to three places: a work place, a home place, and–perhaps most importantly–a place to socialize.

The mission of The Barleycorn Pub is to be that third place, the Great Good Place, for West Asheville and beyond. We invite you to visit anytime and be welcomed into a friendly, social atmosphere with delicious food and even better company. 

What’s the atmosphere like?

Great Good Place

Interacting with our wonderful patronage.                        Photography by Cameron Yeager.

The Barleycorn is a casual hang-out spot where you can have a great meal. We like to think a group of hipsters could enjoy sitting at our high-top tables drinking PBR and whiskey, while a couple has a fine night of dining at the table behind them. We want West Asheville to see us as being able to offer many experiences, from uber-casual to more refined and a fun combination of both. We want folks to feel comfortable eating a quality steak while wearing jeans or be dressed to the nines eating tater tots. It’s that dichotomy we love.

A Place to Socialize

Great Good Place

Interior of The Barleycorn.                            Photography by Cameron Yeager. 

Our long community tables were designed to invite groups of friends or families to come together for great food, exciting drinks, and lots of laughs. Designed by local artist, Chukk Bruursema, these metal works of art are waiting for your next event or birthday party.

Call us today to reserve your next large-party affair. (828) 774-5598. 


The Barleycorn Pub | (828) 774-5598 | 697-A Haywood Road | West Asheville, NC 28806