What is a gastropub?

Beers on Tap

16 rotating taps of beers & ciders.                                     Photography by Cameron Yeager.

A gastropub is a combination of “gastro” (short for gastronomy or relating to food) and “pub” (short for public house or drinking tavern). In simple terms, a gastropub is a place with a warm, inviting atmosphere that places emphasis on sophisticated, yet approachable food. An extensive craft beer list is integral to our concept.

What’s our philosophy on food?

Barleycorn Salad

Green Salad for St. Paddy’s 2014.                      Photography by Cameron Yeager.

We make it our mission to serve food that is great without being expensive or pretentious. We want our food to be approachable, but also exciting. Most importantly, we want you to feel comfortable trying new things with us like the Welsh Rarebit (which Stu Helm, of Ashvegas, loved so much!) or Mulligatawny Shepherd’s Pie, both Barleycorn takes on classic pub dishes. 

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